'Your fear is letting you know that your point of attraction is not including what you want. '

Abraham Hicks




In every lifetime, there comes a point when you realise there's got to be more...


FRANK&EVE are new in town and are excited to present you CHOICE THE MOVIE!


ABOUT THE MOVIE Two modern day monks from New Zealand set off on an international journey to film a diverse range of people making the choice for a better life through meditation. Many lives, many stories, one desire. Living harmoniously requires a shift in consciousness.


Ballet dancers and writers, stressed business people, a cancer patient, foster children and maximum-security prisoners; their stories show peace is possible for individuals and communities - and suggests it may be possible for all of humanity.


Stunning cinematography combined with the power of people sharing from a place of profound peace delivers a palpable and moving experience!

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On the 28th of September we are organizing a workshop for those TIRED of THE DATING STRUGGLE:)! Please go to our Event Page for more information on how to confirm your seat. 




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A Friendly Universe

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” -Albert Einstein


As human beings we have the power to create the life we want to live. We have the power to be happy on a daily basis and the power to achieve an abundant amount of joy. The world truly is our oyster but it is up to us to see it that way. Through the emotions we feel, the thoughts we think and the energy we put out into the world, we are creating our lives and the world around us. You are not a victim in life but rather you are the creator and the master. You are powerful beyond words and it is my vision to help you recognize this.


I provide coaching, in English and Dutch,  to help you discover the potential already in you so that you may lead the rich and fulfilling life you are capable of and deserve. I wish to show you that our emotions and feelings are the language of  the soul and your emotional system is the most accurate compass you posses to reach your higher self. I want you to feel good about who you are and where you are at in life and this is only possible through the most powerful guiding mechanisms we have – our emotions.


Along with coaching I organize events and talks combining personal development, spirituality and cutting edge science to help you better understand yourself and how to create a friendly universe. It is my vision and deepest desire to help you live a life that you love – because no one deserves anything less. Allow me to help you flip your consciousness from a hostile to a friendly universe.


Looking for a life you love? Looking to learn about yourself and this beautiful world we live in?


Join us in one of our organized events and talks to help you unlock a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Through a combination of personal development, spirituality and cutting edge science. Learn how life is meant to have a feeling of ease and flow and why ‘feeling good’ towards something is always your best guide.


We will share with you, and teach you ways to improve your life and live a life that you love. Resisting your current life leaves no room for growth or better things to enter into your life. It is through peace and acceptance where transformation and growth take place.

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